Advertising Motor Vehicles Off Road ? Not In France - French SRO's Jury, November 4, 2019


July 2019. Let's imagine the sea, a beach and a convertible car...

What's wrong? A poster ad promoting a car off road, in violation of the SRO Guidelines pertaining to Sustainable Development...(to see the ad, click on the link at the bottom of the SRO's decision available here :

In the foreground of the poster appears, placed over the sand, a wooden pontoon, on which the car is parked. Other wooden pontoons, lounge chairs and beach umbrellas can be found between the car and the sea. On the left is a beach cabin.

A complaint was filed before the SRO's Jury, which found that this ad was not compliant, in particular in light of Article 9.1 e/ of the aforementioned Guidelines which provides that "Advertising should avoid any representation likely to trivialise, or even enhance, practices and ideas contrary to the objectives of sustainable development. [...] For example, the representation, in any form whatsoever, of motor vehicles in a natural environment should clearly position them on roads open to traffic."

According to the Jury, the area where the...

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