Conseil d'Etat Upholds Sanction For Sending Text Message Spam

Author:Mr Daniel McLoon, Mauricio F. Paez, Kevin D Lyles, Richard J. Johnson, Adam Salter, Undine von Diemar, Jonathon Little, Paloma Bru, Olivier Haas, Anita Leung, Anand Varadarajan and Alexa L. Sendukas
Profession:Jones Day

On March 23, the Conseil d'Etat confirmed the 20,000 Euros fine (source document in French) imposed by the French data protection authority ("CNIL") against a company for sending marketing text messages without prior individual consent. The Conseil d'Etat upheld the proportionality of the penalty because the company did not respect the right of the individual to be informed and...

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