Talent Passport Improvements Implemented

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At a Glance

The Ministry of Home Affairs has implemented the following key improvements to the Talent Passport program to streamline and ease the application process:

Expedited application processing; Expansion of the Temporary Residence Permit to intracompany transferees; and Expansion of the change of status program. The situation

The French Ministry of Home Affairs has implemented improvements to the Talent Passport program that streamline and ease the application process.

A closer look

The improvements include:

Quicker appointments for applications. Appointments for Talent Passport applications will now be granted within two weeks of the request for the appointment. This provision applies to initial and renewal applications and includes applications for family members under the Talent Passport program. Quicker processing times. Talent Passport applications must now be processed within 15 days from acceptance of the application. The notice does not specify whether this is calculated by business or calendar days. Reduced document requirements. Birth certificates are no longer required for Talent Passport applications and the period of validity of the proof of address document has increased from three to six months. Expansion of Temporary Residence Permit. Intracompany transferees (ICTs) are now eligible for a Temporary Residence Permit (Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour - APS), whereas previously, the APS was available only for Talent Passport applicants. Simplification of temporary residence documents. Talent Passport applicants will only be issued a Temporary Residence Permit (instead of a Temporary Residence Permit and temporary receipt (récépissé)). The temporary residence permit allows travel outside France while their Residence...

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