Variation In French Immigration Laws

Author:Ms Manizeh Mistry

The Law on Foreigners in France was recently published on March 15, 2016 and is scheduled to come into effect from November 1, 2016. The law has introduced a number of changes in the French Immigration Law.

To summarize, the law has introduced a Talent Passport residence permit category for highly skilled workers and also will waive work permit requirements for these individuals. The law has also overhauled several intra-company transfer (ICT) routes for greater mobility within the EU. Additionally, employment of up to three months in designated industries will not require work permits. More details about these changes will be announced by way of a decree at a later date.

The changes in the law were proposed in early February and is likely to impact most foreign nationals such as highly-skilled employees, intra-company transferees and their dependents.

'Talent Passport' is a residence permit valid for four years and incorporates several categories including EU Blue Cards, ICTs (on local contract), investors, scientists, artists, young graduate students and others. Those individuals who are eligible to apply for a Talent Passport visa will not be required to apply for work permits. Further, their dependents will be authorized to work.

Residence permits for ICT transferees on the foreign payroll will be classified into three categories: (i) Seconded ICT Employee (maximum three years); (ii) for managers, ICT Trainee (maximum one year)...

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